Joinery Built to Endure

Who We Are

Who We Are


The Nest Workshop creates custom-made joinery, cabinetry and furniture for residential and commercial projects. We believe in beautiful enduring design, high-quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practises.

based in wonthaggi, victoria our workshop creates for clients across victoria.



With over 25 years of industry experience, our collaborative approach ensures a reliable commitment to design, budget and timeframe. We craft with integrity. We believe in honest, expressive use of materials, and always prefer local sources and production.

We are passionate about our craft and work collaboratively and closely with all clients to create pieces and projects that honour the design and the building.



We honour the materials we work with and the planet that creates them, and this is reflected in our work and how we run our workshop. We work with our clients to choose the most sustainable materials for their project, whether that’s FSC timbers or giving reclaimed timbers a second life.

With a belief in Building Biology principles, all of our timber products use finishes free from formaldehyde and VOC-free finishes.

Our products are healthy for you and the planet.


Our Family

We believe that building and design can play a huge role in transforming how we live more sustainably on this planet, and we’re part of a family of businesses committed to playing this role.

Our sister company The Sociable Weaver is transforming the way we design and create Australian homes, making modern, sustainable and functional homes more affordable to more people. To transform the built environment on a larger scale, we enact our vision for positive development through Small Giants Developments. Our award-winning construction company Martin Builders is the core builder of many of the projects we work on.